55th Class Reunion Questionnaire Results
Name9/12/2020 A  Few Months9/11/2021Comments
Kenny Boone111I will attend any date that you pick as the time is moving on us all.  I will do whatever the majority of the class wants to do but it’s important that we have something in a timely fashion. Ken
Marcia Crowell Sulfaro  1 
Jerry Miller  1I think we should cancel for this year.  The more I see groups getting together and people getting sick it scares me. I am following the schools, parties, etc., not to mention Sturgis, which should be a real barometer in two to three weeks.  As much as I would like to see everyone, I prefer to see them not view them.
Bob McGovern1 1 
Mary Ann O’Day McGovern  1Looking forward to seeing everyone but think getting together in 2021 is the best option.
Marifrances McIntosh 1 Hi Bob…once again thank you for all your efforts to sustain the Class of 65. I was infected with Covid-19 at the end of March, subsequent to be exposed through my brother and 101 year old Dad. ( the story made the news in Boston and beyond. I feel comfortable with contact with others, however you may find many are quite concerned with contracting the virus…perhaps things will settle down..I would love to see folks but respect concerns of many who will avoid social contact despite social distancing..thanks to Gerry and Paul for making the great efforts to facilitate this event.
Paul Bishop 11 
Donna Barbuto McDermot 11Thanks for 1st place😀we are so old 👵🏼I really think a gathering in Sept. is a little early.What do you think?I I hope everyone is doing well
Gene Ostergren  1 
Elaine Strillchuk Vigneau  1Given the current Covid-19 situation and travel restrictions, it is unlikely that I would be able to come safely to the reunion n September 2020. I also don’t think it will be much fun if we all have to stand or sit 6 feet apart. I think putting it off a year would be a much wiser choice. Hopefully by then, there is a vaccine and life will be back to some kind of normal, travel is more feasible, and conditions would make for a better reunion.  Thanks for all you do for the Class of 65 and give me best to Maryann.
Stay safe & well,
Elaine Vigneau
Richard Macaleese  1 
Celeste Hale Hankey  1Large group gatherings seem to restart the virus. I would hate to have us on the news as – covid found at 55th reunion party – X number of people exposed. Right now I think caution is the name of the game. Meeting later rather than sooner seems like the best plan.
Sherryl Dixon Gunther 11Although I won’t be attending this September 12th, perhaps you could keep this smaller gathering and we could still do one of the other choices for all who were unable to travel this year. Just a thought, not sure if it’s plausible.  Stay well, Sherryl
Carol Murphy Starkey 11If we’re not worrying about getting sick, we would be worrying about the weather, but later this year might work. I hate to give up our nice, even years.
Ann Marie Fogarty Wood111Seniors in high school are missing the best parts of their last year. We should error on the side of caution and look at virtual options such as a Facebook live page now, and hopefully, we can plan a get together for next year in the spring or fall.
William LindBlom111Whatever the group decides is fine with me.
Thomas Smelstor 1 Hopefully we’ll have a better idea re: the virus. But I’m ok with what the class decides!
Nancy Donovan  1I so appreciate your efforts and also all the ideas to accommodate distancing and safety for Covid. But I’m thinking it’s too soon and doesn’t seem so urgent that risks should be taken by anyone (hate to say this, and denying it every day I go to the office, but we’re a risk group). “56” has a nice ring to it too…who knows, maybe 57? I would hate to miss everyone but unlikely to attend this fall. Thanks again so much for all you do–and your sense of humor–so needed these days!!
Carol Graham Peryer 11Bob, Under our current circumstances, traveling home in September is too soon. Please stay healthy and safe and hope to see everyone in the not too distant future. Carol
LaVerne Haasis Lowell1  No kissing!
Rocky Grasso  1Right now Charlie Baker would not let me cross your state line. I live in Virginia and it’s getting worse. Though I am anxious about traveling anywhere anytime.
Paul Abely1   
Jim Donovan 11As much as I want to see all our “old” friends, I think it is too soon . Trying to practice social distancing (especially after a few cocktails) might be difficult! Lets wait so we can hopefully enjoy it more. Hope everyone is well, Jim
Leo Immonen   I do not plan on attending. Best wishes to all.
Warren Doe  1 
Ed Lazzara  1We’re all 73 and some must have underlying medical issues. I suggest a 56th
Mary Ann Pungitore Best 1 I would like to have a meal. If your already there we should be able to eat. Heading into winter I hope we could eat inside.
Marilyn Masse Holman  1I think a 56th reunion is more realistic.
Janice Reichert O’Malley   Greetings Everyone from North Carolina,   We were going to head north to visit family in September and be there for our grandson’s birthday but we have decided to stay put.      This is the first year since moving south in 2005 that we are missing heading home.       Jim and I are still working and are doing well – staying healthy so far.  We own Doggie Dung Squad and Walkin’ the Dog.My siblings and kids are all still home (sure do miss family and home) in MA, RI and NH.          Dad passed away last year and Mom in May.  🙁  Each lived to be 95 and they were married 73 years as of 2019.          Bob, thank you for managing our class.  I manage my husband’s class on Jim’s behalf (Wellesley High Class of 1961) since his 40th reunion.  They made me an honorary member at their 55th!  Being a former programmer, I enjoy the research and computer work.  I wish everyone well and happy 55th!Janice Reichert O’Malley
Nancy Bortolotti Crosby111Scary times for sure, but wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to see everyone. We can cautiously do this!! Hope everyone & families are all doing well..
Judith Lindquist  1Jim and I are staying very close to home since we both have underlying conditions that make us particularly vulnerable, so a trip north is not in the cards for us in the short term. I would love to make it to the 55th, but I’m guessing it will be a year before we can safely travel and socialize. Best wishes to all, Judith Lindquist
Maureen Flaherty Rukstalis   Perhaps we should consider postponing the event.  It is not about celebrating the number of years but rather a gathering of classmates and friends sharing good memories.  We can still do that at a later time and still feel secure that we can hug and laugh as always. 
Best wishes to all of you that you may stay healthy.
Maureen Flaherty Rukstalis 
Kathy Barnes Pazniokas  1A month ago I would have said let’s do the September 2020 reunion. But since MA (and other states) are on an uptick, I support the idea of waiting another year. If most folks opt for the mini-reunion on 9/12, it’s possible Steve and I would go but it might have to be a last minute decision.
Bob “Nick” Connelly   Hey guys, I probably wouldn’t come considering the present cootie situation, My love and hugs to y’all
Anne Tobin Saunders  1Hopefully by 2021, things will have settled down. Stay safe!