Class of 65
55th Reunion Questionnaire

Well, we must decide soon.  Are we going to have our 55th Reunion on September 12th or are we going to postpone it?  If we postpone it, will it be for a few months or for a year?  Maybe we could do both.  

Gerry Miller met with Paul Angelo yesterday and Paul explained what we could do in order to keep our September 12th date.  The following rules have worked for other classes.

We can hold the function from 12:00 to 4:00 PM, outside which seats 60 people.
It will be an open gate function with no group pictures.
There will be no food stations, just appetizers, beer, and wine.
Face masks can come off at the tables (optional) but must be worn everywhere else.

Please fill out the following questionnaire so we can get an idea which direction this is heading.
Hit the send button once the form is completed.  Thank you.