The Class
of 65

Norwood High School

Class of 65

cordially invites you

to our

75th Birthday Party

Saturday, June 17, 2:00 pm

at Gerry Miller’s house

12 Leyton Road

Norwood, Massachusetts

Yes, we're getting old.

 In case you haven’t noticed, we all have recently turned 75 or will do so soon. Yes, we are looking for an excuse to have a party.  It could be our last chance to see old friends.  So, “Let’s Do It!”  

The Following Is A Current List Of Classmates Planning On Attending

This list is changing daily. Please let us know of any changes.

 Tim Armour
 Mary AnnPungitoreBest
 Kenny Boone
 Richard Cicchetti
 Paul D’Espinosa
 Nancy Donovan
 Jim Donovan
 Jim Flynn
 Rocky Grasso
 Leo Immonen
 Edward Lazzara
 Bill Lindblom
 Bob McGovern
 Mary AnnO’DayMcGovern
 Gerry Miller
 Mark Newman
 Gene Ostergren
 Steve Pazniokas
 John Rhoads
 Thomas Smelstor
 Finbar Sullivan
 Kevin Sullivan
 Pat Sweeney
 Bill Vitkosky

This should be a real good time.

Outside.  2:00pm on a Saturday afternoon.  Middle of June.  No dress up.  Masks optional. Reconnect with old friends.  Listen to old stories from the early 60’s.  Compare medical issues. Count grandchildren.  Throw Gerry into the pool.   Share pictures.  Listen to LaVerne and the girls singing “There’s a school on the ………”.   Bring a friend.  Janice said “bring your dog”. Check out the yearbook.  Check out Donna’s pen.  Get an autographed picture of Kevin on his horse. Sing “Happy Birthday”.  Eat cake.  

What are your chances of attending?

Think positively.  You’ll have plenty of chances to change your mind as we get closer to June 17th.  We’ll keep you updated as the list grows (or shrinks).