Our Monthly Luncheons

     Earlier this year, a few of our classmates were out to get a bite to to eat and  bumped into a couple of other classmates. They apparently had a great time reminiscing and decided to get together again the next month.  

    We now get together every 2nd Wednesday of  each month at 12 noon  at Conrad’s Restaurant in Norwood Center.  

     Thank you, Jerry Miller and Sir James Flynn.

Please Join Us !

List of Attendees

  • Gerry Miller
  • Jim Flynn
  • Eddie Lazzara
  • LaVerne Haasis Lovell
  • Mary Ann O'Day McGovern
  • Bob McGovern
  • Janet BrierleyTaylor
  • Judy Lindahl Reynolds
  • Timmy Armour
  • Gerry Saulnier
  • Mark Newman
  • Beano Ostergren
  • Finbar Sullivan
  • Maureen Flaherty Rukstaris
  • Kathy Barnes Pazniokas
  • Steve Pazniokas
  • Paul Despinosa
  • Kevin Sullivan